Rapper Young Thug Likes The Weed and Sex Combo

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Jeffery Lamar Williams is one of the most popular rappers in the game today. Oh, who am I kidding, all of you know him by his stage name, Young Thug. Young Thug is a lyricist, as well as one of the most popular hip-hop collaborators around.

Not only can Young Thug explode on a mic, but he also has some good advice about weed and sex.

During an interview with his protégé, Gunna, Young Thug expresses his adoration for using weed following sex.

YOUNG THUG: No kizzy. When is your favorite time to smoke weed?

GUNNA: Probably right after I have sex. You just lay back and smoke one after you been having sex like a workout. One of my colleagues over here agrees.

We’ve discussed the weed and sex phenomenon on Stoner Girls before. Weed definitely makes sex better, but we take the stance that you need to use the weed just before, or even during (if your creative that way).

But we catch the vibe that Young Thug is putting out there. The weed acts as an increased calming agent to the chill you experience following sex.

It’s no surprise that Young Thug likes to combine weed and sex in some capacity, given his hit song, Stoner.

Smoking weed and chilling to some Young Thug lyrics during sex? That sounds like the formula if you ask me.

feature image – Frank Schwichtenberg / wikipedia – CC BY-SA 4.0