Why Sexy Stoner Girls Rock Our Worlds

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sexy stoner girls

Girls who smoke weed as a part of their normal lives are the coolest girls we know. When we date sexy stoner girls, we open ourselves up to a more balanced, chill dating experience. In this day and age, it’s not difficult to understand why such experience is valuable for most men.

For most men, dating is ultra-complicated.

I don’t want this post to feel sexist, believe me, men are equally as drab and drama as their counterparts. But in this post, it is assumed that the men looking to meet hot stoner girls are men who are either smokers themselves or want to give an honest chance to a drama-free stoner girl.

Sexy Stoner Girls Have That Swag About Them

sexy stoner girls

There is something about the way a girl carries herself. The way she struts, the way she deals with life’s obstacles, all signal towards an empowered woman.

Part of a stoner girl’s sex appeal is how she carries herself on the daily. I’ve found that stoner girls are empowered, confident, and know exactly what they want. Long gone are the days of pot making folks slackers. The truth is, if you’re a slacker with pot, you’re probably one without pot.

A truly sexy stoner girl walks into a room and can assess everyone in it. She’s your balance. She’s the one that cues in on bad people that are trying to swindle you. She’s got a keen eye for disingenuous people.

Part of the reason for elevated intuition is that when a girl smokes pot, she’s probably less worried about being the center of attention and more in tune with everyone’s story.

She’s a great listener.

Armed with the ability to read people and chill, a stoner girl provides a man with balance and drama-protections. She’s always aware even when you aren’t.

Most stoner girls don’t get wasted on booze, either. Booze crushes judgment and intuition. Stoner girls are armed with sharp minds.

They Tend To Personal Issues, Like Anxiety

sexy stoner girls

There are lots of reasons as to why people smoke pot.

But a big one is to help with anxiety.

And that’s a big deal.

Most of us suffer from some level of anxiety. Many of us run to the doctor and get “head meds” to help. But then find out that many times, those “head meds” make us all worse off.

The stoner girl realizes a natural solution to lower anxiety. But the bigger takeaway here is that she decided to help herself in a natural way.

Pot can help lower anxiety in many people. And it can have fewer side effects than an SSRI medication.

Some people who take SSRI meds experience all types of personality side effects. The girl who chose the natural plant doesn’t get all those side effects. Therefore, their personalities aren’t fueled by pharmaceuticals.

They Don’t Judge You

sexy stoner girls

She smokes pot. The last thing she wants from you is judgment. Therefore, she’s less apt to judge you over things you enjoy.

Pot smokers are often recklessly judged by others in our society. Many people in our culture don’t see marijuana for what it truly is.

So sexy stoner girls prefer to limit their outward judgment of others because they’ve had to experience it on their personal ends.

That doesn’t mean you can act a fool, folks. If you are a heavy boozer, you might not last with a hot stoner girl.

They Love To Chill, Or Rock Out

Wanna stay in and watch a movie?

Or, maybe you wanna go out and catch a live band?

The stoner girl is down for anything, most of the time. It’s a myth that stoner girls are only homebodies. That’s far from true.

Stoner girls enjoy experiencing life’s variety. But it’s nice to know you are dating a girl that can just hang out at home and watch movies. Why not?


Dating a sexy stoner girl is an amazing experience. They love to chill or spice things up. They naturally control their anxiety. They commonly aren’t big out of control boozers.

But they do expect the same from you, at least in most cases. It’s OK to drink or be more uptight than her, but don’t let it ruin her day. She’ll drop you like a hot potato.