Why Mainstream Dating Fails For Stoners

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It’s tempting to just join Match.com or one of the big box dating sites if you’re a stoner. Let’s face it, the big box dating sites have all the bells and whistles, plus they deal in a massive volume. Yes, I mean tons and tons of members. And it probably feels like more members mean more potential opportunity. That’s correct, sometimes, however, in the stoner dating world, such a thought process often fails.

So why does stoner dating fail on big mainstream dating sites?

I’m going to be absolutely candid right now.

You can meet stoner girls on Match.com, or even eHarmony. Stoner girls have accounts on those sites. When a dating site advertises in the millions of dollars, you have to have some stoner dating opportunities.

To be clear, this article isn’t a condemnation of big-box dating sites. Rather, it’s a deeper dive into dating site usability and how such effects niche daters like stoners.

Stoner Dating on Big Box Dating Sites (When It Works)

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If meeting a girl who ‘might’ enjoy smoking weed is the extent of your need, you are probably going to do well on a place like Match. If the stoner attribute is simply one quality of many and not even the highest priority, I’d encourage you to find a big box dating site to use.

That’s kind of the point of general dating sites. You get to put in all types of likes and dislikes and hopefully, the system spits out a potential date in your varied wheelhouse.

Nothing wrong with that strategy. It’s all about what you like. If you aren’t impassioned about whether or not your date smokes weed, then Stoner Girls isn’t right for you. If you are only looking for a girl who won’t hate your weed habit, the big box dating sites likely suffice.

Use Stoner Dating for Precision, Passion, and Exact Needs

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Finding a sexy stoner girl to date isn’t just trendy anymore, it’s a staple in our society and culture. With more and more laws legalizing marijuana in more and more states, the idea of dating a stoner girl or guy is at the forefront of online dating.

Heck, Michigan just legalized marijuana and it’s already done $200 million in just over a half year’s time. That’s insane. It’s safe to say many of these recreational weed buyers are looking to find stoner romance. It just makes sense.

Using a big box dating site to meet avid stoners can be to your detriment. You’ll mill through thousands of irrelevant profiles on your journey and you’ll end up paying more. The big-box dating sites charge a premium because they offer heavy advertising that attracts tons of singles. But if you want a precise experience in meeting a stoner girl or guy, you’ll want a stoner niche-oriented dating site like Stoner Girls.

With stoner dating sites, you fill an exact need. When a girl signs up for stoner dating, they put forth their enjoyment for smoking weed as a priority. Girls who smoke weed often want to date a guy that’s either cool with it or shares the passion. And no, you don’t have to smoke weed to date a stoner girl.

And Stoner Dating sites remain focused on finding a match beyond just smoking weed. In fact, it’s easier. Because it’s assumed that the single you’re interested in enjoys weed, so you can more quickly dive into other personality attributes and traits.

Stoner dating sites and apps confirm the obvious: you and the single you are talking to enjoy smoking weed. Now, do you want to date a girl who enjoys sci-fi movies, or long hikes? Maybe a girl who likes snowboarding? You can focus on a variety of other traits beyond the obvious and you’ll have a high chance of meeting the perfect guy or girl.


If meeting a stoner girl who smokes weed isn’t a priority, just something you’d prefer, a big box dating site might work perfectly for you. But if dating a girl who smokes weed is the priority, use a stoner dating app. You can try our stoner dating app for free.