The Top Stoner Personality Traits We All Love

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stoner girl personality traits

The label “stoner” often comes in tow with a number of personality assumptions. Some are correct, others are outlandish and inaccurate. We live in a judgment ridden society and that’s nowhere near changing. Being a stoner dating site, we experience all types. And I can tell you for certain that no two stoners are the same. That should come as little surprise to anyone who understands that all people are different despite their shared lifestyles.

But stoner personality traits can at times, be consistent. This is not unlike surfers and bikers, or hikers and CrossFit enthusiasts. The shared interest tends to produce a few shared personality traits.

We’ve picked out a few stoner personality traits that seem to be shared across our stoner dating network.

If you’re a stoner, what are some of your personality traits?

Here you go.

You’re Chill

stoner girl personality traits

The number one most recognizable and identifiable stoner personality trait is that you’re probably super chill.

Pot tends to help people manage anxiety. Now that’s not for everyone. For some people, smoking weed increases heart rate which yields more anxiety. But for many of us, it’s the opposite. We mellow out. We let our troubles go the wayside. We stop ruminating over things we can’t control. There is science on the matter.

This results in a more chill personality, which is sometimes confused with “laziness.”

Some people are lazy. They are lazy whether or not they smoke pot. Being lazy is completely different than keeping things chill.

Chill is good, especially for dating.

You’re Objective

You don’t view the world in a bubble. Smoking pot opens your mind up to new, fresh ideas. It doesn’t mean you jump on every bandwagon that comes along, it more means that you tend to open yourself up to new ways of thinking. You critically think things through.

Being objective is a vital stoner personality trait that helps evolve relationships. When you are objective, you are easier to talk to and display more respect for your partner’s thoughts and ideas.

The ability to hold down tough conversations without allowing them to spiral into angry discourse is a hallmark of thriving relationships.

You Like To Smile

stoner girl personality traits

Smiling is fun. It makes us feel better. And it also makes us more likeable and attractive.

Smiling is a core stoner personality trait. And it’s vital in helping stoner singles connect and enjoy their time together.

Who doesn’t feel better when they see a person smiling? This stoner personality trait is just an obvious good thing.  Smile more, people are attracted to you. Frown more, and you get the opposite.

Makes sense, right?

So are you smiling right now?

You Aren’t Super Formal



While it may feel cliche, lots of stoners avoid super formal titles. Not only in how they speak or refer to another person, but also how they dress and carry themselves.

In the mainstream, this can sometimes be used against them. They get labeled as “slackers.”

But funny how things change. Our society, under a siege of technological advancement creating more work from home businesses than ever before, is suddenly more aligned with this ideal.

Wearing flip flops and sandals is more mainstream than ever. This is one stoner personality trait that’s becoming a more sophisticated attribute if you can believe that.

In the end, many stoner personality traits are misunderstood. They end up serving to help stoner singles carry on thriving relationships!

Ready to meet the stoner girl of your dreams?