The Stoner Girlfriend: What Happens When You Don’t Smoke?

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dating a stoner girl

It’s the inevitable questions.

What happens when you have a stoner girlfriend but you don’t smoke?

It happens way more frequently than some think. A lot of that is due to life changes, priority shifts, and mindset. Believe it or not, some guys who want a stoner girlfriend don’t, in fact, smoke themselves.

This all probably feels confusing. But if you’re reading, you are probably one of those guys who doesn’t smoke pot and your girlfriend does. So you’re looking for information.

Well, I’m here to help.

How Do You End Up In a Relationship With a Stoner Girlfriend?

marijuana relationship

There are lots of ways. Let’s examine:

  • You found out that dating a stoner girl is way better than dating a boozer girl. You like the chill she brings to the relationship, so you feel comfortable with a stoner as a partner. Therefore, you signed up to date a stoner and here you are.
  • Life changed: Maybe at one time you blazed, but these days, you don’t. But she still does.
  • You don’t have the same stress: You used to smoke to help your anxiety, but maybe the original job that stressed you out is a thing of the past. She still tokes today.
  • With new health information and growing popularity, she decided to start blazing.

There are lots of reasons why some guys end up with stoner girls, but they themselves don’t partake. The main point being, you aren’t alone. And furthermore, it means you aren’t weird for wanting to use a marijuana dating site even though you don’t smoke out.

So now, what’s the game plan?

Don’t Hassle Her

hassle marijuana dating

Look, you are dating a stoner girl because you chose to date a stoner girl. At least, most likely. Unless you are one of the guys who’s girl took it up during the relationship, you should not complain.

That said, in either case, the same advice holds true.

Don’t Nag Her

If you want her to pack her things up and leave you high and dry, belittle her over her marijuana smoking. Only, you’ll be left “dry,” not high. Yeah, I went there.

You aren’t going to suddenly change her enjoyment of pot smoking with your incessant nagging. You’ll just drive her away.

If you really are concerned, why not get to the bottom of why she smokes? In many cases, it helps anxiety. If this is the case for her, why remove her natural solution to a big problem?

If you used to smoke, you’re essentially a hypocrite. And being a hypocrite is no good for any relationship.

Be Supportive

Often times, as guys, our insecurites get the best of us. When our girl appears to love something more than us, it can take a toll on our relationship.

The wrong move is to let that insecurity get the best of us. Instead, try being supportive. Maybe hang with her when she has her evening blaze. Ask her why she likes it. If she says it helps her anxiety, that should be percieved in a positive light.

Additionally, she may want to hang with friends who blaze out with her. This can be a challenging part of any marijuana dating relationship. It’s hard to watch your girl have something in common with others that you feel insecure about.

But the fact is, you can still hang with them. If you are “giving space” because you don’t smoke, that might not be the right reason to give space. Giving space is healthy for relationships, but when it comes to pot smokers, they tend to embrace everyone.

Most Marijuana Relationships Are All Good

No, I don’t have science to site as a source supporting that bold statement. What I will say, instead, is that I’m very experienced in the marijuana dating field. I run and write for Stoner Girls Dating.

I get lots of feedback over our dating product.

In most cases, couples with one partner who blazes and the other who doesn’t is all good. Remember, marijuana is simply an interests. You’ll have misaligned interests with any relationship.

The important thing is that you love and support one another. When you care for someone, you understand that their will be differences. Often, marijuana is used to bring some chill to a person’s life. Many relationships hit troubled waters because one partner is way to anxious about life. Also, marijuana and sex are a wonderful combination!

In other words, marijuana may make her want to have sex with you more often!

So don’t sweat the small stuff, friends. If you are seeking a stoner girlfriend and fear it won’t work due to misaligned interests, think again. Dating a stoner girl may be the best thing that ever happens to you!