New Study: Women Who Smoke Weed Enjoy Sex More

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According to a new study, women who smoke weed enjoy getting it on more than those who don’t.

The journal called Sexual Medicine says its findings show that women who smoke weed consistently tend to experience higher stimulation and improved orgasms during sex.

We’ve long touted the benefits of weed and sex on both a scientific and anecdotal basis. The Sexual Medicine report is simply more clarity on a concept many of us already accept into our hearts.

“I’m not surprised because my clients have told me this; I’ve heard it at workshops,” said Toronto sex therapist-coach Carlyle Jansen, who owns Good For Her on Harbord St. “Lots of women have said that cannabis really helps them in a few areas.”

Jansen claims, at the heart of the matter, is THC’s ability to increase sexual pleasure.

“The THC (the ingredient in marijuana which makes people high) helps us to feel more pleasure,” said Jansen.

The study breaks ground in the sense that it’s targeted directly at women. Often, the benefits of weed combined with sex focus on men.

“A lot of women describe feeling more sensations, feeling more physiological pleasure, which of course is going to increase our satisfaction, make us have orgasms more easily, or more powerful orgasms. Certainly, it will boost our desire because we’re like, ‘Hey, that was really fun, I want to do that again,’ as opposed to sex being really flat (then) you’re not going to be so excited about having sex again.”

452 women were used in the study. The dispensary that contributed the weed was not paid. Over half the women aged 30 to 49 and in a steady relationship, or married. Over 70% of the women said they smoke weed at least six times per week.

Smoking pot while having sex also contributed to a less painful sexual experience for many of the women in the study.

“To our knowledge,” the authors wrote, “this study is the first to use a validated questionnaire to assess the association between female sexual function and aspects of cannabis use including frequency, chemovar, and indication.”

The research that ties marijuana to improved sex remains far from iron-clad, but marijuana retailers do continue to monetize off the claim. Because most people seem to experience a heightened sexual experience after smoking weed, THC lubricants have become big business.