Michigan Recreational Marijuana Revenue Is Insane $200 Million This Year

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michigan recreation marijuana

Smoking recreational weed is getting more and more popular by the day. Of course, it’s difficult to ignore that these are stressful times and that bars are on the outs due to Coronavirus restrictions. The people of Michigan are using massive amounts of marijuana to cope, at least, apparently.

In total, Michigan residents have purchased $200 million worth of recreational marijuana products, according to Michigan Radio. That’s an insane amount of spending that amounts to just under $14 million per week. This also equates to over $30 million in state taxes paid.

Michigan has allowed legal recreational marijuana use since the end of 2019, though the inception of the bill’s passage dates back to 2018. Its clear, so far, that the state’s residents have taken to legal weed. It’s also clear that legal weed generates a whole lot of state tax income. And I’d guess that this means stoner dating is on the rise, but that’s just a guess, of course.

Legalization also helps curb illegal marijuana sales that clog up court systems and amount to, at times, dangerous versions of the plant. People in Michigan can now safely obtain the type of marijuana they want, whether for medical or recreational usage. And clearly, that’s exactly what the people of Michigan are doing.