Marijuana Dating Site: A Newbie’s Guide to Dating with Weed

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It was a decade ago that I finally jumped ship. I couldn’t take the mainstream dating world anymore. I knew I needed a major overhaul in my dating life, but I didn’t anticipate that change to be using a marijuana dating site.

I smoked weed back then. I wasn’t oblivous to the idea of pairing myself with a likeminded weed smoker. But I also didn’t want to narrow my search field too much. I believed that while smoking marijuana was fun, it wasn’t something I should plan to leverage as my core relationship attribute.

back in 2010, a marijuana dating site seemed like dark web, sketchy stuff. It was the fringe community. I thought using a marijuana dating site meant I had to be an unemployed hipster who smoked pot all day long (no offense to any of you, but that was not me).

In fact, I was a hard working, in shape, intelligent, well-to-do man who just sought a great girl to share life’s laughs with.

I tried using Match and filtering down to pot smokers.

That failed.

Plenty of Fish was scammy.

But then, I found a little known marijuana dating site that changed my life. It wasn’t so much a site as it was a community. It had none of today’s bells and whistles you find on marijuana dating sites such as Stoner Girls. But the fact that it grouped like-minded pot smokers seeking relationships was a huge step forward.

I met a few girls, dated them, and ended up in a longterm relationship.

Today, I run Stoner Girls dating.

Over the years, I’ve seen how fast the marijuana dating site vertical has grown. Stoner Girls has been a big part in that. Because of this, I’ve seen a lot of newbies come into the market and feel lost.

So I’ve got some tips for those who are new to any marijuana dating site.

Don’t Overplay Your Stoner Hand

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If you’re new to smoking pot, you’re probably in that honeymoon phase whereas you want to tell everyone.

That’s fine. It’s even fair.

You might feel compelled to just talk about pot when you message girls. But that’s probably a mistake.

You’re a Stoner Girls or (insert any other marijuana dating site) member. It’s assumed you smoke pot. You don’t need to pound it into anyone. You might come off as if you’re trying too hard to fit in.

When you message a girl, you message her because you like her and find her profile interesting. The pot is an assumed benefit, so it falls into the backdrop of your initial communications. Focus on the rest of what she’s saying, who she is, things she enjoys…

Don’t Make Your Profile Pic a Pot Leaf

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I can’t think of anything more generic than the marijuana dating site pot leaf profile picture. For over ten years, I’ve seen it over and over. To be honest, marijuana dating sites should ban the damn pic. But alas, that’s evil censorship, so I digress.

Make your profile picture YOU. I realize that’s not comfortable for everyone. I get it.

Profile pictures make us all feel judged. But in the end, if you want to meet someone truly interested in you, you’ll need a current, accurate profile picture. A pot leaf cartoon simply won’t cut it.

Avoid Boozer Talk (at least at first)

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Most girls who smoke pot don’t love booze. It doesn’t mean they don’t drink it, it’s just not typically preferred. You want to get to know your stoner girl prior to talking about taking her on a fun spring break booze cruise. She may not like that.

Be cautions when planning a first date. Don’t pick a super boozer sports bar. She smokes pot, so she may not love sitting in a bar where bros are pounding jaegar shots.

Get to know her before assuming she wants to hit the bottle. And if you love the bottle that much, you might not fit in to a marijuana dating site. We aren’t right for everyone!


Using a marijuana dating site as a newbie often leads to the usual mistakes. But they are easy to solve. Make your profile picture you, not a generic marijuana leaf. Don’t go all inon the pot talk, we get it, you smoke out, so does she (you’re on a marijuana dating site, that’s assumed!). Don’t be a boozer, she probably won’t prefer that…