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I hear it all the time.

I want a stoner girlfriend.

There are lots of reasons guys decide they want a stoner girlfriend. In many cases, it’s a reaction to the tsunami relationships that come from bar girls. Drinking booze often injects a lot of hysterical arguing into a relationship.

If one of your guy friends has suddenly started dating a super cool, sexy, mellow stoner girl, you might be thinking you’d like to do the same.

That’s why you are here, on Stoner Girls.

You want to meet single stoner girls.

But maybe you don’t smoke pot and are confused if this dating site is for you.

Let’s explore if dating a stoner girl is for you.

You Don’t Smoke Out, Can You Still Use Stoner Girls Dating?

This is the number one concern guys have regarding our stoner dating site. And it’s a worthy concern.

If you don’t smoke pot, will a stoner girl be receptive to you? Will she be able to hang with you? Will she even consider dating you?

Every girl is different, but many stoner girls don’t need a guy to be a smoker. In fact, some appreciate a guy that’s cut from a different mold. The only way you will for sure kill your chances is if you are judgy and want her to quit, or cut back. Or if you don’t appreciate certain aspects of the stoner girl lifestyle.

As long as you are cool with what you are getting into, she isn’t going to care.

That said, don’t lie to her about your pot smoking. If you don’t smoke, or only smoke from time to time, be upfront with that.

Choose a Non-Bar First Date

Stoner girls often don’t drink a lot. They may drink some, just not a ton. Most of them don’t appreciate the boozy bar scene.

If you’re going to meet a single stoner girl for the first time, don’t choose a bar. Go with a coffee shop, or even a farmer’s market.

Make Sure Your Stoner Girls Dating Profile Is Up To Date

Old, inactive Stoner Girls profiles get pushed towards the bottom of our search algorithm. This is to help increase the odds of matches.

When you first sign up for Stoner Girls, you’ll need to fill in some information about yourself. Fear not, we won’t break your fingers with some crazy sign up process. But we will ask for some current information about you and your likes/dislikes.

All of that stuff can be easily updated. You should check over your Stoner Girls profile information ever couple of months to ensure it’s all fresh.

Understand That Stoner Girls, Are, Just Like Any Girl

That’s a weird thing to say.

But it must be said.

Allow me to explain.

All too often, guys think that meeting a stoner girl is meeting a girl from another universe. This makes them feel as though everything they’ve ever wanted out of a relationship is completely off the table.

But that’s the wrong approach. If you find girls who enjoy sports interesting, then look for a stoner girl who enjoys sports. If you are only into hooking up and don’t want a long-term relationship, make sure to search stoner girls who share your same desire.

Don’t take your eye off your core values because you think you’re in a different dating universe. You aren’t. And if you do downplay your core values, your stoner relationship will inevitably fail.

Make Sure Your Stoner Girls Dating Zip Code Is Set Right

Look, some folks don’t want to go more than 5 miles to meet someone. It happens, so although rare, our app allows that setting.

The problem with this is that some people accidentally set their location preference to only search for within 5 miles of where they live and that can drastically limit how many singles you see online.

We have 1000s of stoner girls online in your area, so you’ll definitely see active stoner girl profiles with a 5 mile radius limit. But you’ll sure see a lot more if you extend to 10 or 15 milesw.

Just verify your search radius to make sure you aren’t missing out on opportunities.