How to Date a Stoner Girl

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stoner girls

Getting stoned has a lot of obvious benefits. Beyond being medicinal in nature, marijuana ushers in a sense of calm and enlightenment between friends and lovers. It can mellow out a room, relieve anxiety, and help everyone sleep better. It can take the edge off social anxiety and free up inhibitions that otherwise trample more in-depth conversations. That’s why learning how to date a stoner girl is suddenly a pretty popular search.

So what if you don’t smoke weed? Or you don’t smoke weed daily? But, you’ve heard that stoner girls rule when it comes to being in relationships. So you’re now wanting to learn how to date a stoner girl.

Sign Up For Stoner Girls Dating

I don’t want to be too promotional here, but the obvious first step in dating a stoner girl is to sign up for a stoner singles app. There is no better place to begin meeting stoner girls that are single and interested in dating or companionship than a dating site.

Most big box dating sites either avoid marijuana as an interest checkbox due to liability, or bury it. In either case, you will find yourself judging people based on their profile pictures and bios.

It’s an inefficient way to meet stoner girls.

It’s always better to participate in a site geared towards stoner girls dating. In the end, you’ll save time and improve your odds at meeting that perfect girl.

Don’t Be Judgmental

If you don’t smoke weed daily, dating a stoner girl might feel like a rather abrupt change. Imagine you suggest watching a movie, but have to wait for her to smoke out. Or maybe your fridge has less room due to edibles. Maybe she doesn’t want to have people over until she smokes a little.

You knew this going in. You understood the benefits of dating a stoner girl, which is why you made a move. So you have to be patient with these times. At first, you won’t care because the relationship is fresh and new. But as time goes on, just like with any relationship, we become a bit more judgmental.

Don’t allow that to happen with a core part of her life. She smokes pot because it mellows her, calms her anxiety, helps her function in social situations, and potentially improves sex for her (yep). She’s not trying to make you late for an event, she’s just being herself. She’s the girl you met on a stoner dating site.

Accept her for her.

Smoke Weed ONLY If You Enjoy It

Now the million dollar topic.

Should you, also, smoke pot?

The answer is complicated.

She will appreciate you wanting to explore her world. And she’d be more than happy to be your gateway into a more mellow world, particularly if you are a bit wound up. If you come home daily stressed from work, smoking some pot could help you.

But she’s not going to want you to smoke pot if it doesn’t sit well with you. Although for most folks, smoking pot in moderation can be beneficial, others don’t fair that well. Don’t force a habit on yourself unless you really enjoy it and reap the benefits of it.

It’s way more important that you not judge her enjoyment of pot than it is for you to “fit in” to her world. She cares less than you think if you smoke out. She’s a person looking for love, acceptance, and passion, no different than any other person. Smoking pot is only one small part of what she cares about in a guy.

Reap The Benefits of Sex and Marijuana

Having sex with a little marijuana boost may surprise you. Many men report that smoking out a little boost their sex drive and overall enjoyment of the experience. Others say it helps them achieve a more, well, shall we say, powerful flagpole.

Many men and women feel a little more horny after smoking out. If that turns out to be you, you’re in luck.

Learn Stoner Recipes

The marijuana edible scene grows every day (pun intended).

If she’s into edibles, learn how to cook with pot and you’ll be sure to impress her. The key to understanding cooking with marijuana is to realize that pot is fat soluble. This means you’ll need to cook it down into fat before it can be used in sweets or otherwise. Your pot will need be grinded, but not so much that it falls through a strainer.

Always Have Food On Hand

She’s going to get the munchies.

So what’s her favorite munchie?

Peanut butter cups, chips, and pizza are some of the top reported munchies. But you’ll need to learn what she likes. Having the right munchie on hand can go a long ways in impressing her during her time of need.


When it comes to how to date a stoner girl, the most important point is to not judge her. Be accepting of the fact that she may want to smoke out before meeting your friends or family. Pot helps her achieve balance in her personal and professional life, it’s important to be aware of such things.

If you want to smoke yourself, only do so if you find you enjoy it and it helps you feel more balance and peace. Don’t force it on yourself thinking that’s the only way you’ll keep her. Marijuana has been shown to improve sex, particularly for men. So hey, enjoy it!