Does Weed Make Sex Better (Yes, It Absolutely Does)

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does weed make sex better

For many weed enthusiasts, having sex while high on weed is a treasured experience. The empirical evidence is in, weed makes sex better. But what about the verdicts in science and research and all the legitimizing influencers?

Does weed make sex better?

In short, it mostly does.

People have, throughout history, used weed to improve or enhance a great many human functions. Some use it to lower anxiety, others use it to embolden creative juices, but more and more, people are using weed to enhance sex.

In fact, “weed improves sex” is commonly listed as a reason why people join our Stoner Girls dating site.

Let’s be honest, girls who smoke weed are crazy sexy. Does Weed Make Sex Better

But is there an underlying reason why we find girls who smoke weed sexy? In other words, does smoking weed enhance sex, thereby increasing our attraction levels to stoner girls?

It’s more than possible. Clearly, stoner girl personality traits influence such things mightily.


Does Weed Make Sex Better?

does weed make sex better

Yes, it does. And it’s a big reason as to why weed trumps booze. When someone switches from booze to weed, they quickly discover that booze was holding them back in bed.

Weed is considered by many to be an aphrodisiac. Additionally, many who smoke weed say it makes the sexual experience better. And that’s both sexes.

That Dopamine Thing

Smoking weed prompts the release of dopamine which causes humans to experience feelings of pleasure. Your body tends to experience more pleasure from touching and kissing when increased dopamine is in play.

The increase in dopamine helps stimulate more pleasure for both partners.

Decreased Anxiety

Anxiety is a sex crusher.

When a man is anxious, he can have a difficult time achieving an erection. Similarly, girls with anxiety may not feel much pleasure.

Smoking weed can remove anxiety from the obstacles and make both stoner sex partners feel more at ease. This opens the door for increased sexual pleasure.

Smoking weed can lead to more sex because often, the stoner girl or stoner guy doesn’t want to make that bold first move to initiate sex. Smoking weed helps reduce first-move anxieties.

May Improve Blood Flow

For sex to work, blood flow must be uninhibited. Many claims they experience more intense blood flow, so heightened penis and vagina pleasure, after smoking weed. For men who may experience erection issues, weed is a must-try.

This heightened blood flow means your going to feel everything more. And let’s double down, shall we?

When it comes to men, more intense erections drive sexual experimentation. A guy with a struggling erection isn’t too keen on switching up positions during sex, because that risk a loss in erection strength.

A more potent stoner erection serves to improve sexual experimentation.

Weed Makes Us More Sexually Experimental

weed sex is better

So an improved erection enhances sexual experimentation and gratification. But smoking weed, blood flow aside, can make you feel more experimental and horny.


Does weed make sex better?


  • Weed’s dopamine release makes your entire body more sensitive to pleasure
  • Weed helps improve erections for men
  • Weed heightens sexual gratification for women
  • Weed decreases anxiety
  • Weed pumps you and your stoner girl full of sexual bravado which leads to more positions and even role-playing

Yes, weed makes sex better. For so many reasons.

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