Dating a girl who smokes weed (what to know beforehand)

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dating a stoner girl

Dating a girl who smokes weed can be an exciting time in your life. But there are things you should understand before embarking on long and short-term stoner relationships. At times, dating a girl who smokes weed can be a bit, let’s just say, complicated.

But we are here to help.

Let’s examine some things you should know right from the outset.

You Might Be Late…A Lot

If you are a stickler for being on time, you might reset those expectations. She might make you late more often than not.

If she smokes pot before events, parties, or family gatherings, it might be that she has social anxiety. Smoking pot helps her deal with social events. So she might hold you up so she can peaceably hit her pipe or find the right edible before leaving the house.

Of course, you’ll learn to plan for such things. You might just set the expectations of leave times a bit earlier to make up for any delays.

You Both Might Want Sex More

Dating a girl who smokes weed might mean better and more sex. That’s because for many men and women, pot enhances the overall sexual experience. Beyond just the physical fun, it can also loosen up some inhibitions that lead to more experimental sexual fun.

For stoner dating couples, sex can be an exciting and lustful endeavor that happens more often than in non-stoner relationships.

So you might gear up and realize that you’ll be having a lot of sex if you choose to date a stoner girl.

She Might Want To Stay In More Than Go Out

Stoner girls enjoy funny movies, good eats, and a great sofa. They want to cuddle up in bed more than perch up on a bar stool.

While you should plan date nights, don’t put pressure on her to go out if she simply wants to stay in. You’ll alienate her. Dating a stoner girl means a lot of Netflix and chill. If this isn’t your thing, I’d suggest you not go forward with your stoner girl dating ambitions.

She’s Gonna Order Desert

Maybe you don’t love sweets. Well, bad news, she’s gonna always want you to spring for desert. So maybe resurrect the little kid in you and start enjoying pie again.

Stoner girls love good sweets. A delicious pie, cake, or cookie, can bring a huge smile to her face. So not only should you prepare for ordering more deserts, but also learn to make amazing desserts to impress her.

Her Friends Will Blaze

When she has her friends over, expect a smoke show going on in your living room. The good news is, she probably has hot stoner girlfriends, so the eye candy won’t be bad. But you’ll need to get used to a hazy living room filled with laughter occasionally going down.

If you’re a hater, she’ll pick up on that and eventually move on.

She Might Not Love Boozing

Stoner girls, often, don’t love wine or beer. It just doesn’t do much for them. This means they won’t appreciate sitting at a bar watching a football game every Sunday. I’m certainly not saying that you should never invite her to do these things, relationships should always be give and take. However, it just might not be her thing.

Stoner girls often see bars as annoying, loud, and too meet-marketish.

If you enjoy a good bar, just try to find classier bars that are a little quiet. She might not want to hear bros chanting for their favorite team. Find nicer atmospheres that make craft cocktails. She might enjoy a sweet boozy drink.

A big bonus if the bar is in an area where she can go out and smoke occasionally.

She Might Not Love Your Drinking Bros

If she doesn’t love the bar scene, she want love your drunk bros talking bro shit around her all the time. I’m not suggesting you dump your friends, just understand that too much of them might drive her away.

The pot culture is much more mellow than the booze culture.


Dating a girl who smokes weed can be exciting and fun. The sex is often way better and she’s usually a little more relaxed. You’ll fight less with a girl who smokes weed as compared to a girl who loves booze. She may not love your drunken friends or the bar scene, so limit all of that as much as you can.