COVID-19: Cocaine Use Drops, Marijuana Use Explodes

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covid-19 marijuana use

The COVID-19 quarantine has caused a potentially permanent scar around the world. The divide between those who believe in economic shutdowns as a solution for COVID-19 and those who don’t is as wide as the sea itself. But one thing is for sure, no matter which side you’re on, stress continues to haunt all of us.

Such an effect means that more people are turning to marijuana. And due to heavy travel restrictions and bar lockdowns, harder drug use such as cocaine and Ecstacy are down.

Last Autumn, a Global Drug Survey study found that people are turning to marijuana in large numbers as a way to relieve stress. The study, using people from the UK, Australia, and the United States, found that 30% of 55k people said they used a lot more pot than before.

If you’re in the Cannabis Dispensary business, you’re crushing it.

On the contrary, a study by Langone Health Center showed that cocaine and Ecstacy use are down. Most users of these drugs reported using less of the harder stuff and more marijuana. This could, of course, be an access issue. With bars shut down, less opportunity exist for obtaining these drugs. The late-night party scene, which often serves as a conduit for harder drug use, is all but dead.

While the sadness and angst surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic can’t be denied, it might not be a bad thing if cocaine users find solace in marijuana use. Marijuana offers a lighter, more beneficial experience than harder drugs. Even at Stoner Dating, we’ve noticed an uptick in both signups and activity.