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Why Mainstream Dating Fails For Stoners

It’s tempting to just join or one of the big box dating sites if you’re a stoner. Let’s face it, the big box dating sites have all the bells and whistles, plus they deal in a massive volume. Yes, I mean tons and tons of members. And it probably feels like more members mean more potential opportunity. That’s correct, sometimes, however, in the stoner dating world, such a thought process often fails.

So why does stoner dating fail on big mainstream dating sites?

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5 Stoner Girl First Date Ideas That Win Big

If you are new to dating stoner girls you might feel somewhat intimidated. If you met the girl on stoner girls, it’s a good start. But what comes next may be more important. How you handle that first stoner date can make or break your chances at more dates, or even sex.

It’s important to mentally prepare and have a plan in place. She wants to know that you can take the lead and make a plan.

So what are some good stoner first date options?

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Rapper Young Thug Likes The Weed and Sex Combo

Jeffery Lamar Williams is one of the most popular rappers in the game today. Oh, who am I kidding, all of you know him by his stage name, Young Thug. Young Thug is a lyricist, as well as one of the most popular hip-hop collaborators around.

Not only can Young Thug explode on a mic, but he also has some good advice about weed and sex.

During an interview with his protégé, Gunna, Young Thug expresses his adoration for using weed following sex.

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Does Weed Make Sex Better (Yes, It Absolutely Does)

For many weed enthusiasts, having sex while high on weed is a treasured experience. The empirical evidence is in, weed makes sex better. But what about the verdicts in science and research and all the legitimizing influencers?

Does weed make sex better?

In short, it mostly does.

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The Top Stoner Personality Traits We All Love

The label “stoner” often comes in tow with a number of personality assumptions. Some are correct, others are outlandish and inaccurate. We live in a judgment ridden society and that’s nowhere near changing. Being a stoner dating site, we experience all types. And I can tell you for certain that no two stoners are the same. That should come as little surprise to anyone who understands that all people are different despite their shared lifestyles.

But stoner personality traits can at times, be consistent. This is not unlike surfers and bikers, or hikers and CrossFit enthusiasts. The shared interest tends to produce a few shared personality traits.

We’ve picked out a few stoner personality traits that seem to be shared across our stoner dating network.

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Why Sexy Stoner Girls Rock Our Worlds

Girls who smoke weed as a part of their normal lives are the coolest girls we know. When we date sexy stoner girls, we open ourselves up to a more balanced, chill dating experience. In this day and age, it’s not difficult to understand why such experience is valuable for most men.

For most men, dating is ultra-complicated.

I don’t want this post to feel sexist, believe me, men are equally as drab and drama as their counterparts. But in this post, it is assumed that the men looking to meet hot stoner girls are men who are either smokers themselves or want to give an honest chance to a drama-free stoner girl.

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The Stoner Girlfriend: What Happens When You Don’t Smoke?

It’s the inevitable questions.

What happens when you have a stoner girlfriend but you don’t smoke?

It happens way more frequently than some think. A lot of that is due to life changes, priority shifts, and mindset. Believe it or not, some guys who want a stoner girlfriend don’t, in fact, smoke themselves.

This all probably feels confusing. But if you’re reading, you are probably one of those guys who doesn’t smoke pot and your girlfriend does. So you’re looking for information.

Well, I’m here to help.

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Marijuana Dating Site: A Newbie’s Guide to Dating with Weed

It was a decade ago that I finally jumped ship. I couldn’t take the mainstream dating world anymore. I knew I needed a major overhaul in my dating life, but I didn’t anticipate that change to be using a marijuana dating site.

I smoked weed back then. I wasn’t oblivous to the idea of pairing myself with a likeminded weed smoker. But I also didn’t want to narrow my search field too much. I believed that while smoking marijuana was fun, it wasn’t something I should plan to leverage as my core relationship attribute.

back in 2010, a marijuana dating site seemed like dark web, sketchy stuff. It was the fringe community. I thought using a marijuana dating site meant I had to be an unemployed hipster who smoked pot all day long (no offense to any of you, but that was not me).

In fact, I was a hard working, in shape, intelligent, well-to-do man who just sought a great girl to share life’s laughs with.

I tried using Match and filtering down to pot smokers.

That failed.

Plenty of Fish was scammy.

But then, I found a little known marijuana dating site that changed my life. It wasn’t so much a site as it was a community. It had none of today’s bells and whistles you find on marijuana dating sites such as Stoner Girls. But the fact that it grouped like-minded pot smokers seeking relationships was a huge step forward.

I met a few girls, dated them, and ended up in a longterm relationship.

Today, I run Stoner Girls dating.

Over the years, I’ve seen how fast the marijuana dating site vertical has grown. Stoner Girls has been a big part in that. Because of this, I’ve seen a lot of newbies come into the market and feel lost.

So I’ve got some tips for those who are new to any marijuana dating site.

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How to Date a Stoner Girl

Getting stoned has a lot of obvious benefits. Beyond being medicinal in nature, marijuana ushers in a sense of calm and enlightenment between friends and lovers. It can mellow out a room, relieve anxiety, and help everyone sleep better. It can take the edge off social anxiety and free up inhibitions that otherwise trample more in-depth conversations. That’s why learning how to date a stoner girl is suddenly a pretty popular search.

So what if you don’t smoke weed? Or you don’t smoke weed daily? But, you’ve heard that stoner girls rule when it comes to being in relationships. So you’re now wanting to learn how to date a stoner girl.

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Dating a girl who smokes weed (what to know beforehand)

Dating a girl who smokes weed can be an exciting time in your life. But there are things you should understand before embarking on long and short-term stoner relationships. At times, dating a girl who smokes weed can be a bit, let’s just say, complicated.

But we are here to help.

Let’s examine some things you should know right from the outset.

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