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Rapper Young Thug Likes The Weed and Sex Combo

Jeffery Lamar Williams is one of the most popular rappers in the game today. Oh, who am I kidding, all of you know him by his stage name, Young Thug. Young Thug is a lyricist, as well as one of the most popular hip-hop collaborators around.

Not only can Young Thug explode on a mic, but he also has some good advice about weed and sex.

During an interview with his protégé, Gunna, Young Thug expresses his adoration for using weed following sex.

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Does Weed Make Sex Better (Yes, It Absolutely Does)

For many weed enthusiasts, having sex while high on weed is a treasured experience. The empirical evidence is in, weed makes sex better. But what about the verdicts in science and research and all the legitimizing influencers?

Does weed make sex better?

In short, it mostly does.

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Benefits of Dating a Stoner Girl

It’s not a secret that dating a stoner girl is as popular as ever. In a modern day that brings us so much stress and anxiety, it’s nice to find a girl who we perceive as more chill and mellow. Stoner dating, as it turns out, is wildly popular because we are all seeking partners that offer us more balance.

Lets map out some big benefits of dating a stoner girl.

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Marijuana and Sex: How It May Improve Your Relationship

If you’re new to smoking pot, you may be new to the marijuana and sex debate that rages in online forums. Many say that marijuana and sex are a perfect combination, although there are some critics of the connection.

If you are looking to date stoner girls, you’ll be pleasentaly surprised to learn that marijuana can lead to an improved sex life.

Why is this good news?

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