Benefits of Dating a Stoner Girl

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It’s not a secret that dating a stoner girl is as popular as ever. In a modern day that brings us so much stress and anxiety, it’s nice to find a girl who we perceive as more chill and mellow. Stoner dating, as it turns out, is wildly popular because we are all seeking partners that offer us more balance.

Lets map out some big benefits of dating a stoner girl.

Stoner Girls Chill

stoner date chill

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, stoner girls tend to chill. When couples smoke out together, they are less likely to partake in silly dramatic fights that tend to plague our non-weed couples.

The stoner couple looks to enjoy their time together sans melodramatic exchanges.

Dates Tend to Cost Less

stoner dating grocery store

It’s not to say that girls who smoke weed don’t drink, many do. But mostly, they don’t partake in the sauce nearly as much. And being that smoking weed in public places isn’t legal in most states, you’ll find yourself finding more home activities than ever.

And doing things at home saves money. Bar tabs, on the other hand, burn cash at a rapid rate.

Stoner dates tend to revolve around buying groceries and staying in to either watch TV or just talk. Another big stoner date concept is game night. And games, for the most part, are free!

You’ll See More Movies

stoner date movies

Do you like movies?

If so, date a stoner girl, because most likely, she does also.

This is a tough topic to cover. Some stoners, guys and girls, get offended when you say they enjoy TV. Most don’t, but some seem to feel it portrays them as ‘shallow.’ But most of us enjoy at least some TV. And really, it’s fun and pleasurable to enjoy a movie while stoned. Especially when you have someone else there to laugh with.

You Can Enjoy Dinner Again

stoner girl dating dinner

There are a lot of reasons why eating good food is frowned upon in the dating world. Many girls think that guys will judge them for what they order (only sexist guys do this, but it happens). Also, traditional dating means worrying about weight (hey, being healthy is a good thing, I’m talking overkill here).

But with stoners, you eat up.

Stoners enjoy trying lots of unique and fun restaurants.

The Sex Should Be Better

marijuana sex

Yep, did you know, sex and weed go together like waffles and syrup? In fact, I have an entire article on sex and marijuana that you should check out.

Marijuana tends to make sex feel a bit better, if you can believe that. It also increases libido and might lead to a bit more fun play in bed.


There are many benefits to dating a stoner girl that go beyond just the scope of this article. Sign up today for free and discover local stoner girls near you.