5 Stoner Girl First Date Ideas That Win Big

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If you are new to dating stoner girls you might feel somewhat intimidated. If you met the girl on stoner girls, it’s a good start. But what comes next may be more important. How you handle that first stoner date can make or break your chances at more dates, or even sex.

It’s important to mentally prepare and have a plan in place. She wants to know that you can take the lead and make a plan.

So what are some good stoner first date options?

Stoner Girls Like Guys Who Have a Plan

This doesn’t imply that stoner girls are submissive. That’s far from the truth. But if you ask her out on Stoner Girls, she is going to expect you have a plan for what to do. It’s not too much to ask by any stretch.

So here’s a list of stoner girl first date options to consider.

Here Are 5 Stoner Girl Date Ideas

Anything That Allows You To Freely Blaze

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This should be obvious, but any date-scenario where you can both freely blaze works best. In some states, the options are better than other states. But really anywhere you live you can make it work.

At worst, keep the date close to your homes so that you can both smoke some weed. Now, if she smokes weed and you don’t, it’s an easier situation. But if you both smoke weed, you need to examine options that work for you both.

She’ll love that you take smoking weed into account for the date.

Imagine if you’re first date with a stoner girl has her driving an hour away? She may view you as aloof to her needs. You don’t want that to happen.

Just the idea that you’re considering her wants and needs is a great start.

A Movie

Movies can seem like lame date ideas. Many people think they are an easy option. That may be true, but let’s face it, it’s fun to smoke out and go to a movie.

The downsides to movies is that you tend to not talk to your stoner girl date much. This minimizes your time to get to know one another and connect.

But there is an easy solution. Make it an early movie and ask her if she wants to go to a cafe after and talk about the movie.

Nothing like talking about a movie you just watched stoned!

A Cafe

stoner first dates
Meet stoner girls in your area

So long as you can smoke at the cafe, or just prior to visiting it, a cafe can be really great. Nothing like a solid cup of coffee while stoned. You’ll both enjoy that. Plus, cafes tend to have a good assortment of stoner snacks.

A cafe environment encourages conversation. If you want this date to lead to sex on weed, or just a dating thing, you’ll need to both get to know one another in short order.

Just make sure to get comfy seats, like sofa chairs. The more comfortable you both are, the easier it will be to get your conversation going.

A Cool Hike

If you are the outdoorsy type, a fun hike might be in order. And clearly, in many places, smoking weed on a hike is no problem.

Hikes offer amazing scenery and a connection with nature. They also allow for times of less talking to be less awkward.

Hikes give both of you something to do and things to talk about. It alleviates some of the social pressure that a cafe or dinner can expose you both to.

That said, make sure she likes hiking. Don’t just plan it and tell her that’s the situation.

Netflix and Blaze

A Netflix and blaze date is more aggressive. Let’s be honest, you’re inviting her over to chill on your couch with you and smoke weed. It’s a recipe for hooking up. The only way this happens on a first date is if you and your stoner girl really connect.

Most likely this will mean a number of phone conversations and Facetimes or Zooms prior to the date.

But if you score a Netflix and blaze date, it certainly implies your stoner girl likes you.

The only decision left to make is what you watch. I’d recommend something funny to keep the vibe upbeat. Although, nothing wrong with watching a dark documentary while you smoke weed together. To each their own.

A first stoner date can be intimidating. But rest assured, most stoner girls are chill. Don’t allow the pressure to rule you. But have a plan. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll tell you. She will appreciate you taking initiative to plan a fun night for you and for her.