Month: April 2020

Does Weed Make Sex Better (Yes, It Absolutely Does)

For many weed enthusiasts, having sex while high on weed is a treasured experience. The empirical evidence is in, weed makes sex better. But what about the verdicts in science and research and all the legitimizing influencers?

Does weed make sex better?

In short, it mostly does.

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The Top Stoner Personality Traits We All Love

The label “stoner” often comes in tow with a number of personality assumptions. Some are correct, others are outlandish and inaccurate. We live in a judgment ridden society and that’s nowhere near changing. Being a stoner dating site, we experience all types. And I can tell you for certain that no two stoners are the same. That should come as little surprise to anyone who understands that all people are different despite their shared lifestyles.

But stoner personality traits can at times, be consistent. This is not unlike surfers and bikers, or hikers and CrossFit enthusiasts. The shared interest tends to produce a few shared personality traits.

We’ve picked out a few stoner personality traits that seem to be shared across our stoner dating network.

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Why Sexy Stoner Girls Rock Our Worlds

Girls who smoke weed as a part of their normal lives are the coolest girls we know. When we date sexy stoner girls, we open ourselves up to a more balanced, chill dating experience. In this day and age, it’s not difficult to understand why such experience is valuable for most men.

For most men, dating is ultra-complicated.

I don’t want this post to feel sexist, believe me, men are equally as drab and drama as their counterparts. But in this post, it is assumed that the men looking to meet hot stoner girls are men who are either smokers themselves or want to give an honest chance to a drama-free stoner girl.

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