Month: January 2020

The Stoner Girlfriend: What Happens When You Don’t Smoke?

It’s the inevitable questions.

What happens when you have a stoner girlfriend but you don’t smoke?

It happens way more frequently than some think. A lot of that is due to life changes, priority shifts, and mindset. Believe it or not, some guys who want a stoner girlfriend don’t, in fact, smoke themselves.

This all probably feels confusing. But if you’re reading, you are probably one of those guys who doesn’t smoke pot and your girlfriend does. So you’re looking for information.

Well, I’m here to help.

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Marijuana Dating Site: A Newbie’s Guide to Dating with Weed

It was a decade ago that I finally jumped ship. I couldn’t take the mainstream dating world anymore. I knew I needed a major overhaul in my dating life, but I didn’t anticipate that change to be using a marijuana dating site.

I smoked weed back then. I wasn’t oblivous to the idea of pairing myself with a likeminded weed smoker. But I also didn’t want to narrow my search field too much. I believed that while smoking marijuana was fun, it wasn’t something I should plan to leverage as my core relationship attribute.

back in 2010, a marijuana dating site seemed like dark web, sketchy stuff. It was the fringe community. I thought using a marijuana dating site meant I had to be an unemployed hipster who smoked pot all day long (no offense to any of you, but that was not me).

In fact, I was a hard working, in shape, intelligent, well-to-do man who just sought a great girl to share life’s laughs with.

I tried using Match and filtering down to pot smokers.

That failed.

Plenty of Fish was scammy.

But then, I found a little known marijuana dating site that changed my life. It wasn’t so much a site as it was a community. It had none of today’s bells and whistles you find on marijuana dating sites such as Stoner Girls. But the fact that it grouped like-minded pot smokers seeking relationships was a huge step forward.

I met a few girls, dated them, and ended up in a longterm relationship.

Today, I run Stoner Girls dating.

Over the years, I’ve seen how fast the marijuana dating site vertical has grown. Stoner Girls has been a big part in that. Because of this, I’ve seen a lot of newbies come into the market and feel lost.

So I’ve got some tips for those who are new to any marijuana dating site.

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Marijuana and Sex: How It May Improve Your Relationship

If you’re new to smoking pot, you may be new to the marijuana and sex debate that rages in online forums. Many say that marijuana and sex are a perfect combination, although there are some critics of the connection.

If you are looking to date stoner girls, you’ll be pleasentaly surprised to learn that marijuana can lead to an improved sex life.

Why is this good news?

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