Month: December 2019

How to Date a Stoner Girl

Getting stoned has a lot of obvious benefits. Beyond being medicinal in nature, marijuana ushers in a sense of calm and enlightenment between friends and lovers. It can mellow out a room, relieve anxiety, and help everyone sleep better. It can take the edge off social anxiety and free up inhibitions that otherwise trample more in-depth conversations. That’s why learning how to date a stoner girl is suddenly a pretty popular search.

So what if you don’t smoke weed? Or you don’t smoke weed daily? But, you’ve heard that stoner girls rule when it comes to being in relationships. So you’re now wanting to learn how to date a stoner girl.

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Dating a girl who smokes weed (what to know beforehand)

Dating a girl who smokes weed can be an exciting time in your life. But there are things you should understand before embarking on long and short-term stoner relationships. At times, dating a girl who smokes weed can be a bit, let’s just say, complicated.

But we are here to help.

Let’s examine some things you should know right from the outset.

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I want a stoner girlfriend (start here)

I hear it all the time.

I want a stoner girlfriend.

There are lots of reasons guys decide they want a stoner girlfriend. In many cases, it’s a reaction to the tsunami relationships that come from bar girls. Drinking booze often injects a lot of hysterical arguing into a relationship.

If one of your guy friends has suddenly started dating a super cool, sexy, mellow stoner girl, you might be thinking you’d like to do the same.

That’s why you are here, on Stoner Girls.

You want to meet single stoner girls.

But maybe you don’t smoke pot and are confused if this dating site is for you.

Let’s explore if dating a stoner girl is for you.

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